Divine Union Twin Flame Healing!

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This week’s session was intense in a really really good way!

It was like a twin flame, soul family , star family , angels, high beings, basically the entire universe reunion all into one in this session.

The first 6 minutes in the session had such high frequency energies coming through because there were many souls so excited to be a part of this healing and to be a part of the powerful healing team assisting us into divine union.

I asked the angels and high beings to slow the fast frequencies down so I could help ground in the energies better for everyone!

The frequencies throughout this healing were very powerful and went very deep into shifting things. I feel a deep feeling of gratitude and honor to be a part of this. I can’t even explain it into words where we are all heading towards as a collective.

The masculine collective energies were way more strongly present than usual in this session! So this tells me that the masculine energies have shifted so much in the past few weeks, coming more fully into their power and getting on board with their divine mission and purpose! I feel that also caused a lot of extra excitement in this session than usual! This means that physical union opening up for more twin flames than ever before.

Another evidence of this is that I’ve been receiving a lot of emails from clients in the past couple of weeks letting me know that their twin flames have reached out to them! Some have been in physical separation for months others years. So this is all really good signs! =)

So in this session we cover a variety of things in relation to divine soul union within you, the universe, your soul family, the collective and of course your twin flame!

We work on:

Clearing dark energies blocking healing and union

Clearing out entities blocking union

Clearing resistance to union from you and your twin flame

Clearing avoidance and fear of union for you and your twin flame

Clearing avoidance and fear of your life purpose and to go to your next level for your and your twin flame

Allowing deeper support of God and the universe in union and your life purpose.

Connect more fully to your heart and soul. Bring your heart and soul deeper into union with your twin flame

Clear outside negative entities and influence! This is important for twin flame union!

- Family and loved ones blocking union

- Past life partners blocking union

- Clearing energies of Present life ex partners

- Clearing past life old patterns and beliefs

- Deep cleansing within you and your twin flame and between you and your twin flame so that you are fully on board with union!

Clearing and balancing inner male and inner female

Deep healing on the inner child - clearing old wounds,negative stories and programming.

Deep healing between you and your twin flame on all levels space time dimension and beyond. This really shifted things big time.

Heal deep ancient past life wounds causing fear and separation in this lifetime. We healed huge wounds and trauma from Atlantis, Lemuria and other ancient civilizations.

And much more!


How to use this healing:

Allow yourself the time and space to relax so that you can go deep within during this healing.

Feel free to use this recording as many times as you feel guided to! Love is infinite.

I recommend allowing at least 1 week between listening to a session to allow energy to integrate. Old emotions may surface after listening to a recording. Please give yourself all the time, space, love and compassion needed to allow yourself to heal. Be gentle with yourself. <3


Please do not upload or share this recording with anyone. This is for your personal use only. Thank you so much for honoring my work.

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★ I understand that energy work can bring “uncomfortable feelings” up to the surface such as old anger, hurt , pain, hate, sadness, guilt, shame, jealousy, grudges, resentments, negative thoughts and programming etc.

★ These feelings can be from childhood, from this lifetime or past lifetimes. These feelings can also be towards yourself, towards God/Source, your parents, your twin flame, other people etc.

Some of these may not even be yours but also from your family, ancestors, collective programming and templates.

They can be hidden at the subconscious layers and will only come up if you are ready to let them go. You may not even be consciously aware of them.

★ By purchasing this product, I am setting the intention that I am ready to release whatever comes up through use of this product with ease, grace and love.

★ I am ready to face and shine light on any of my shadows and ego that may come up with use of this product.

★ I understand all sessions are done with the highest good and highest intentions of infinite love and light.

★ I understand that healing can bring things up to the surface such as old emotions to be healed and released over the next few days and week after a session. I agree that I am in a place in my life where I am mentally stable and can give myself the time and space required to heal.

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Divine Union Twin Flame Healing!

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